Rapunzel Wizard

Rapunzel Wizard came to visit Blairgowrie High School on the 16th of March. Rapunzel read out a few of his poems and involved us by making us shout out phrases during his poems. Rapunzel made his poetry really fun as he used expression and actions to show us how poetry is fun. After he had read out some of his poems he made us describe a rainy Monday to make our own poems we had to describe what it feels like, looked like , smelt like, sounded like and what it tasted like . Some of us then preformed our poems in front of the class and those who were less confident got Rapunzel to read them out.

Rapunzel then made us do a fill in the blanks in one of his poems “The ugly town”. We had to describe what the town looked like and how dull and horrible it was to be there that really helped us think and use very descripted words. Finally we had to write our own poems on an unusual object or creature. We all had great fun writing them and we used all of the new skills Rapunzel had taught us during the workshop. We found the task fun and exciting and had a great laugh discussing what the objects name is, what is it, what we did with it and how we felt when about its actions.

Some of us then recited our poems and grew more confident reading out to an audience. Overall we all enjoyed the workshop and if we had the chance would definitely do it again.


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