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Children of Icarus


Winner of the Scottish Teen Book Award 2018!

Scottish Teen Book Award 2018

Ever since our protagonist can remember, she’s heard the story of Icarus and watched children enter the labyrinth outside the city each year, destined to become his angels. Although being chosen as Icarii brings honour, she’s never been desperate to follow them, unlike her friend Clara who longs to be reunited with her older brother Collin. But when both girls are chosen to enter the labyrinth, they find that it is very different to what either of them expected. What should be their path to paradise is more like a nightmare, and when they’re torn apart, one must struggle to survive against the odds.

In Children of Icarus, Caighlan Smith uses Greek mythology to craft an original dystopian society, which acts as a backdrop for the fast-paced and action-packed plot. If you’re looking for an exciting new YA read, you might find it difficult to put this book down!


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Scottish Children’s Book Awards 2016

6 S2 pupils joined Ms Thirde for a trip to the Award Ceremony in Glasgow.  We heard from Danny Weston and Elizabeth Wein, two of the shortlisted authors.  Joan Lingard couldn’t make it but her agent read an excerpt from her book.

In the end it was the BHS choice Danny Weston who won with The Piper!


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And the winner is ………

BHS LRC took part in the Stan Lee Excelsior Award 2015.  Pupils read and voted for their favourite graphic novel from the shortlist.

The winners this year are …..


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Scottish Children’s Book Awards


It’s time for the Scottish Children’s Book Awards again.  The shortlist for Older Readers is:



Read more here

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